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I've been collecting records since a boy of 10 in 1953. Music has always played a major role in my life.  I was "on-air" as Don Daro at 11 radio stations and I handled the music at most of them.

From Edison to Eminem, Clark to Coldplay.  From thick 10 - inch 78's of the 1880's to 45's that are still made today expressly for jukeboxes.  I have never stopped buying "new" 45's as they hit the charts.  Anytime a product came out that I felt would appreciate in value, I bought several of it or them.  An example would be the sets of 15 colored vinyl Beatles 45's made during the mid 90's for jukebox use only.

I've collected from thrift stores and garage sales.  Mobil DJs that converted over to CD. From radio stations that changed formats.  From radio Disc Jockeys that needed money.  From record stores that went bankrupt.  From estate sales and jukebox operators.  From record companies that were closed down.  Many records came with picture sleeves which I've collected all along.  Not to mention the "promo" copies I "saved" while handling the music at numerous radio stations, like:

KINO (1966),  KIFM (1966),  KFIV (1967),  KACY (1967),

KTUF (1968),  KPHO (1968),
  KRUX (1969) and  KMEO (1970/1971).

It would be nearly impossible to amass this large a record collection ever again, which is:

400,000 7 - inch 45 - rpm

3,000 10 - inch/12 - inch 78 - rpm

3,000 12 - inch 33 1/3 - rpm

Rock 'N Roll, Alternative, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Dance & Rap, Country, Top 40, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Children's.  Most everything but not much classical or jazz.  Also "mothers", "masters", picture discs and reel-to-reel tape from record producers and record companies.

I happened to be driving by when they emptied the offices of "Colpix Records" in Hollywood in 1965.  I took everything.  Also I have a ton of "Colossus Records" stuff from its founder.  Stuff that’s never been heard since it was removed from the recording studio.

I wasn't particular; I bought and grabbed anything and everything because, as many of you probably know, it's an addiction.  Whenever I saw records for sale, I bought them.  I've done this for over 50 years!

Don Daro


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